Step 1: Prescription Lens Types


Single-vision (Distance)

Single vision lenses are a common type of prescription lens sold at E.Y.E Republic, which is for one field of distance – for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism patients


Single-vision (Reading)

Readers lenses are obtained over the counter for ready-made reading glasses. Here at E.Y.E Republic, you can add a readers lens to your everyday eyewear to give yourself a 2-in-1 eyewear



Bifocal lenses have two (2) distinct powers which are divided by a distinct line to separate.


Step 2: Types of Lenses


Multicoated Lens with 5 Classic Features

  • Mulitcoated Lens is a multi-combination of coatings on your lenses. These properties such as– anti-reflection, scratch resistant, anti-glare, water repellent and UV, are involved to improve the properties in your eyewear such as – scratch resistant, water repellant, UV and anti-reflection.


Tinted Lens

  • Tinted Lens are suitable for UV protection, a protection that sunglasses can do but from the comfort of your single eyewear. They can also give you a high-contrast vision experience even in glaring or diffuse light. Along with UV protection, Tinted lenses can filter the blue light radiation to an optimum level. You can now turn your eyewear into sunglasses by adding from a range of our tints. 3 levels – Light, Normal and Dark and 6 colors - Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Smoke and Brown


Blue-Coat Anti-Radiation Lens

  • Blue Coat Anti-Radiation Lens help filter the blue light from computer/digital screens. These lights are known to be artificial lights which can be potentially damaging to the cornea. These lenses, especially after dark, help reduce exposure to blue light waves. These blue light lenses are combined with an anti-scratch coating to help elongate the lifespan of the lenses.


Photochromic Lens (Transition to Dark Lens in Sunlight)

  • Photochromic or Transition Lens are adaptive lenses that react to UV light in different conditions. In outdoor conditions, lenses will darken to eliminate the glare in order to protect the eyes. When indoor, the lens goes back to their light tint to allow more clarity for the patient to see more. All photochromic/transition lenses block 100% UV light and harmful blue light from devices.


Ultra-Thin Lens

  • Ultra-Thin Lens or also known as 1.61 High Index Lens are one of the thinnest, flattest and appealing lenses developed which offer ultimate technology and impressive lens quality. This lenses have everything a multicoated lens would have but much lighter.